meteorology_radar_tower_1Centuria provides extensive support for the WSR-88D “NEXRAD” system and network. Our meteorological capabilities range from providing Radar Operations Hotline support for the NEXRAD meteorological operations community to radar data quality analysis to new radar product implementation and more. Our support touches every element of the radar data from initial radar product generation at the Radar Data Acquisition equipment, to the wide variety or NEXRAD weather data and warning displays created at the Radar Products Generator equipment and displayed at NWS Weather Forecast Offices to data feeds to the AWIPS system and Climate date Center.

meteorology_radar_tower_2the NEXRAD community including: radar , facilities and systems engineering; software engineering; electronics technicians; Operations and testing support; Operations and Maintenance hotline support; Hardware and software configuration management ; Computer aided design and drafting; technical writing and more. Our experience staff have supported multiple international projects and are available to be deployed anywhere in the country, or the world.

Centuria is a Registered Trademark of Centuria Corporation