Richard (Rich) Ice

Chief Scientist

Mr. Ice has had a 42-year career serving in the IC, military, The Government, and supporting The Government as a contractor. Rich enlisted in USAF and upon graduation from Auburn University with a degree in Electrical Engineering he served on various programs of national significance at Ft. Meade, MD, Kelly AFB, TX, and Robins AFB, GA. During this time Rich earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology. After 3 years as an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Rich has served in various capacities at the Radar Operations Center (ROC).

Mr. Ice is nationally and internationally renowned for his contributions to the field of polarimetric radar calibration and signal processing techniques. He has led or supported myriad network-wide R2O projects at the ROC to include SZ phase-encoding, clutter mitigation issues, and the dual-polarization upgrade. Mr. Ice’s idiosyncratic scientific understanding is so valuable that he was included in the Government’s team tasked with generating the high-resolution weather requirements for a Next Generation Multi-Mission National Surveillance Radar as part of the SENSR procurement. Currently, Rich is the lead engineer on development teams at the ROC addressing polarimetric variable data quality, dual polarization calibration, and reflectivity calibration. In his spare time Rich serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

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