AWIPS II Centuria Subcontract

Centuria advances corporate strategy of “All weather, all the time”: Centuria has successfully bid on the AWIPS II contract as a member of the Raytheon team (Contract #: DOCEA133W17CQ0082, SubK #: 4201635018). The mission of AWIPS is to provide an extensible architecture to allow for highly available data communications, processing, and meteorological and hydrologic display capabilities in an integrated environment that supports the operational missions of the NWS and NOAA. AWIPS program goals support NWS mission goals as well as NOAA and Department of Commerce strategic goals. The efficient and effective operation and continuous improvement of the AWIPS system are critical to meeting these goals. In the current environment, AWIPS is an integrated system that collects observation, sensor, and model data input, processes this data into weather products, allows forecaster interaction in product creation, and disseminates these products to the public and specific stakeholders. Centuria shall provide high-quality meteorological and software engineering services to NWS on AWIPS II in support of our Prime, Raytheon, and customer, NOAA NWS.

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