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Our ultimate goal as a company is to have the highest levels of customer satisfaction and that can only happen when we have high employee satisfaction. Everything we do is focused to ensure we meet those two objectives first. In policies and practice, Centuria puts employees and their families first so our employees can put our clients first when they are on the job.

Centuria offers strong compensation and world-class benefits. But so do many other companies. What makes Centuria stand apart is our absolute focus on our people. Centuria is committed to providing the right tools and support structure to our employees to ensure they can focus clearly on their mission – meeting our client’s objectives.

For over a decade Centuria has provided stable, long-term employment in support of critical government programs. We support programs that keep our skies safe, maintain our natural resources, and track and predict severe storms.

Although we are currently growing rapidly, we maintain an entrepreneurial mindset that enables every employee the opportunity to make an impact on our success. We are looking for people who display excellent judgment, integrity, agility of mind and a consistent and progressive work history and a high energy level.

Centuria is an Equal Opportunity Employer with tremendous cultural, economic and social diversity among our ranks.

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