Veterans Technology Services (VETS) 2 Government wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)

Centuria in the top three of VETS I Awardees as ranked by Federal Times

Centuria is pleased to be among the VETS II awardees!  Very similar to VETS I, VETS II represents a comprehensive IT Acquisition tool that comprises the full spectrum of IT Services.

Centuria received nearly 200 million in awards against VETS I, ranking us 3rd overall among an original 42 awardees. Unlike the original VETS, we have no team of subcontractors already signed up to support our VETS II efforts, therefore the gates are wide open for potential subcontractors!

Centuria was awarded two of the largest task orders awarded under VETS I, and in doing so we helped two incumbent contractors retain their work, albeit as a sub to Centuria.   Centuria has multiple large program past performances as a prime, and the associated outstanding CPARS to prove our effectiveness in handling both large and incredibly complex tasks, as well as smaller and simpler tasks.

Centuria deploys a fully compliant and audited cost accounting system managed within an ISO 9000 accreditation that covers all corporate overhead functions. We have a strong and robust history of winning best value competitions under multiple vehicles, even when in fact they are LPTG (“lowest price, technically good”). We function as a full partner when teaming with incumbents, providing open insight into every aspect of the bid and associated pricing.

Please contact us today about subcontracting, and see what Centuria can do to help you retain your incumbent work, or, help you capture new work you have made wise investments to chase.

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