VETS Work Scope Area

  1. Chief Knowledge Office (CKO) Support
  2. Configuration Management and Licensing
  3. Database Design and Admin and Data Storage Mgt.
  4. E-Business Planning and Support
  5. Electronic Commerce (EC) and ED Interchange Support
  6. Emerging Technologies
  7. Independent Verification and Validation
  8. Information Architecture, Analysis and Web Object Indexing
  9. Information Management Life Cycle Planning/Support
  10. Integration Support
  11. Internet System Architecture and Webmaster Support
  12. Mainframe/Data Processing System Support
  13. Media/Training Center/Video Teleconferencing Support
  14. Network Support (including Interdepartmental Data Network (IDN), Local Area Networks (LAN) Wide Area Networks (WAN, Internet Access, etc)
  15. Office Automation Support/Help Desk
  16. Performance Measures and Metrics Planning
  17. Seat Management
  18. Section 508 Compliance Assistance
  19. Supply Chain Management (Logistics)
  20. Systems Management Support
  21. Technical Support
  22. Telemedicine
  23. Test and Evaluation
  24. Training, Training Development, and Training Center Support (including Computer Based Training)
  25. Virtual Data Center
  26. Anti-Virus Management Service
  27. Biometrics
  28. Computer Security Awareness and Training
  29. Disaster Recovery, Continuity of Ops, and Contingency Planning
  30. Hardware and Software Maintenance and/or Licensing
  31. Independent Verification and Validation (Security)
  32. Managed E-Authentication Service
  33. Managed Firewall Service
  34. Privacy Data Protection
  35. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  36. Secure Managed Email Service (SMENS)
  37. Security Certification and Accreditation
  38. Systems Vulnerability Analysis/Assmnt. and Risk Assmnt.
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