Information Technology Systems

Employing an agile methodology to all software development projects, Centuria is able to provide solutions that closely align with business and mission goals and can quickly and easily be altered to fit changing requirements. Centuria-built systems helped the Forest Service track $8 billion in natural resources and the National Weather Service forecast weather and track severe storms across the country.

Centuria’s software development methodology has as its guiding principles:

  • Build integrated programs that work for multiple agencies and allow collaboration
  • Incorporate enterprise needs as part of the original design and implementation
  • Reduce unnecessary proliferation of applications and databases
  • Leverage overhead costs across logically grouped application project teams
  • Promote efficiencies and cost avoidance by reusing common technology,
    utilities, and repeatable methodology
  • Share technologies and standards to reduce training costs

Centuria’s professionals have extensive knowledge of proven database design and leading edge software development tools that we apply to our customers’ challenges. By strengthening legacy systems or delivering a customized solution, we help manage data and keep technical infrastructure operating so customers can accomplish their business.

Our end-to-end software development services include:

  • Database, Web, and SOA
  • Datacenter Operations
  • Systems Engineering
  • Test & Evaluation

Our team holds certifications including:

  • Project Management Professionals (PMP)
  • SUN Certified Java Programmers
  • SUN Certified Java Developers
  • GISP (GIS Professional) Certified
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developers
  • Sun Certified Enterprise Java Architects
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Microsoft Certified Application Developers
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developers
  • Oracle Certified Associates (OCA),
  • Oracle Certified Database Administrators
  • Certified SCRUM Masters


U.S. Forest Service

U.S. Forest Service

The Centuria Team of over 50 IT and natural resource management professionals provided full lifecycle support the for the Natural Resource Manager (NRM) system, a suite of over 40 tightly integrated Forest Service applications. The NRM provides a myriad of mission critical services including asset management, financial tracking, and permitting and maintenance tracking. Centuria designed, developed, tested, implemented, and documented these applications. The NRM system enables the Forest Service to account for $8 billion in national assets and $1.3 billion in grants and agreements.

National Weather Service Logo

National Weather Service

The IT team supporting the National Weather Service (NWS) Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) is responsible for the services enabling radar operation, data collection, analysis and application.  The software applications they manage not only drive the employment of the radar, but also what data is collected and how it is used. This project supports nearly 200 Doppler weather radars that provide critical tornado and severe weather warning observations across the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Azores, and Korea. The information set includes weather and atmospheric conditions as well as data on other environmental factors such as the effects of man-made structures, bird and insect migration and pollen dispersion.

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