Meteorological Services

meteorology_radar_tower_1Centuria provides extensive support for large portions of the U.S. Government Weather infrastructure. From data collection (WSR-88D tower life-cycle care, component replacement, on-site component failure resolution, new tower assembly and construction, and support of satellite based weather detection), to engineering design (CAD rendering), to data clean up (weather specific IT systems development, systems testing, systems deployment and support, radar interference and anomaly detection and elimination) through end-user rendering (AWIPS direct support), Centuria operates at the heart of the U.S. Weather Eco-System.

meteorology_radar_tower_2Centuria’s weather operations employ meteorologists, engineers, electronic technicians and a host of specialized IT professionals and technical writers.

Furthermore, Centuria provides international support for WSR-88D implementation, problem solving, and repair/replace services directly to foreign governments, and through international agreements with the U.S. Government.

Centuria is a Registered Trademark of Centuria Corporation