NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) Maintenance and Logistics Support Contract Bid

NOAA Weather RadioCenturia Corporation is pleased to announce our successful bid for the NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) Maintenance and Logistics Support contract. The contract provides for the maintenance and repair of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA), National Weather Service (NWS), Weather Radio Transmitter Network and NOAA, National Weather Service Weather Wire Service (NWWS)/GEONETCast Americas (GNC-A) satellite ground terminals. Centuria provides direct field maintenance support, depot maintenance support, logistics support, and other services. Centuria also provides other miscellaneous support services at transmitter sites such as site surveys, antenna system repairs and refurbishments and RF transmission line repairs and refurbishment, on an emergency and non-emergency basis. Centuria has embarked on a strategic course encapsulated by the maxim “All weather, all the time”. With this award, in keeping with our visions, Centuria currently performs in all phases of NWS’ Environmental Intelligence (EI) Cycle. Centuria manages the NEXRAD network (sensing of EI data), supports AWIPS (ingesting and process of EI data), and, with our NWR win, operates and maintains the system that disseminates NWS’ weather watches and warnings (products based on EI data). Centuria believes this is the first of many steps towards indispensable support of the US Weather Enterprise at the behest of our largest customer NOAA.

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