Yvonne – NEXRAD Systems Documentation Engineer

YvonneYvonne works as part of the NEXRAD team focusing on the documentation needs of the project. While this job keeps her busy, she also has provided incredible support to the business development team. She is a problem solver that always goes the extra mile to promote Centuria. Yvonne is a leader in supporting marketing activities.   She has spent numerous hours of her personal time supporting corporate efforts.  These efforts include drafting RFI responses, past performance summaries, and technical capabilities questionnaires. Yvonne has represented Centuria at multiple industry days and always leaves everyone with a positive impression of the company.

Yvonne took some time (not sure where she found it in her busy schedule) to share a little bit more about herself.

What do you like best about working at Centuria?
Tackling new challenges, interacting with my team as well as the customer, comfortably taking initiative, and working for a manager that hears me even when I do not say a word.

What do you define as the pivotal element of success in your career at Centuria?
The flexibility of using creativity while working within my position as a technical professional and the freedom to work on side projects that allow me to apply the skill set and talents I have that are outside of technical communications.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

What do you consider the first sign of Spring?
When I bounce out of bed in the morning after the first alarm…around September 9th is when I start pounding the “snooze” button!

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